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1. Transmetropolitan Gonzo Doxe;
"Go Ahead: Look It Up."

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Take Off the Mask!

Kodiak Xavier Pendragon—High Shaman of the Rainbow Family, & Brahmastra the Royal Blue—

'the Poor Lad' Sir Dancelot du Roc;

Marshall Rosegryph Wallace; Nimrod Quartersdrawn…”

Uriel S. Oneiros

  • The Paladin.
"…but my favorite happens to be, ‘Greensleeves.’"

  • …& Also. Author of His Own Rebecca Case:

I understand that a pseudobiographical trilogy of *My Five Years*, as produced by the horribly commercialized J.S. Rawlins, is now in the process of being digitally serialized. But, until the time of its release, allow me simply to assure you of this:

I much enjoyed my exile in GongWoo, FuSang, (that distant land of the mulberry),

but I most definitely had to make a public execution of that most abominable wooden alien, the one whom clawed his way out of a dental cavity from the screaming corpse of Squirobizan.

I just refused to accept ANY usurpers to my sandcastle throne

in the Land of the Clouds during this Age of Sand.

TRUST ME, you’ll *get it* by 2013!


I am continually thankful, however, to the *psymbiote*,

the much-kinder Dancelot du Roc, Poorest Lad of Wasted Days,

in faithful service as a Paladin of Int’l Knights-Errant.

This journal exists largely to repeatedly describe that activity, to answer any logical questions arising from the dissection, & (from the results) to deduce entirely new questions.

Let’s see how it goes!